Submissions should be made through Submittable and uploaded as a Word doc (or other, if applicable). SUBMIT ALL PIECEs OF A SPECIFIC GENRE AS A SINGLE SUBMISSION (for example, don’t send in three fiction pieces as three different submissions). The title of the submission and file should be:

[Name] – [Category]

Include a formal description of your submission in the Cover Letter field. If there are any questions or comments, feel free to email us at TheBookendsReview@yahoo.com. Also, note that every piece published here, including our own, goes through a voting process and may be accepted or rejected. We published based on quality, not favoritism or ego. If you agree to acceptance, you are granting us permission to post your work on this website, as well as include it in potential print editions (such as yearly anthologies). Finally, if your submission is accepted, we will contact you for a bio and picture. Please report your submission experience at Duotrope, too.

Finally, we offer two open reading periods:

May 1st – August 31st
December 1st – January 31st

Submissions sent outside of those time frames will not be considered.


Basically, we’re looking for good writing. Sounds simple enough, right? We believe that writing doesn’t have to fit into one specific style or genre; therefore, the only broad requirement is that we feel something for your work. If it makes us cry, wonderful! If it makes us laugh, also wonderful! If it makes us scratch our heads and wonder why you submitted it, well, we have a problem. In terms of objectionable material (to use a euphemism), all we ask is that your content is justified. Artistic merit means open interpretation and free expression, so if you feel that the language/situations/imagery/etc is warranted and essential, go for it! Just don’t put anything in there for shock value. Finally, we will do our best to get back to you regarding your submissions ASAP (after all, we’re writers too, and we hate playing the waiting game with our work).

Academic – (Up to 2,000 words each) Did you interview an established writer/musician/visual artist? Did you write an expository piece related to these fields? Do you have a personal opinion/story to share? Well then, send it in! Submit up to 3 in any combination.

Fiction – Self explanatory, right? Just specify what classification and genres/emotions fit it best. Submit up to 3 pieces.

  • Flash Fiction: 0 – 1,000 words
  • Short Story: 1,001 – 2,000 words

Creative Non-Fiction – (up to 2,000 words each) If you add a bit of falsehood to a true story, it goes here. Submit up to 3 pieces.

Poetry – Self explanatory, right? Sometimes there is a fine line between fiction and prose poetry, though, so if you think it fits the latter category, specify it; otherwise, we may file it incorrectly. Submit up to 5 pieces.

Multimedia – Are you creative outside of writing? Show us what you’ve got! Just remember that all pieces must be original (why would you want to take credit for someone else’s work?). Music and Video are obvious; as for Art, if you took a picture (even if it’s altered), it’s photography. If you created something, it’s digital/traditional (drawn). In the case that there is a fine line between categories, we’ll make a final decision.

  • Art: 5 pieces
  • Music – 5 pieces under 5 minutes
  • Video – 5 pieces under 5 minutes

4 comments on “Submissions

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  2. Are reprints acceptable? Maybe I missed it in the guidelines, but I didn’t see anything regarding that. 🙂 Thanks!

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