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Meet the Staff

996707_10100492784542864_1872366358260542726_n Jordan BlumFounder & Editor-in-Chief – Jordan holds an MFA in Fiction and he currently teaches at several colleges. Outside of that, he writes about music for several publications, including Rock Society Magazine, AXS, The Big Takeover, and Popmatters. He also records his own progressive rock/metal under the pseudonym of Neglected Spoon. His work has appeared or is forthcoming at several places, including The Lit Pub, Subtopian Magazine, FictionBrigade, Connotation Press, Used Furniture Review, Emerge Literary Journal, The Rusty Nail, and The Prague Revue. During his free time, he likes to yell at strangers about how much Genesis sucked in the 1980s. Follow him on Facebook and/or Twitter

Spencer HayesCo-Founder & Head Editor– When not writing terrible short stories, Spencer toils unappreciated in the bowels of a high-end department store.


One comment on “Meet the Staff

  1. If you see anything on my site you would like to publish please let me know. I invite you to check out my short story collection.

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