Jose Romero – Perceptions

Perceptions Believe me, nobody wants to be loved. What good lies in the isolated knowledge of one who loves, one who finds himself in love? ……………………What good is it to me that you ……………………love me? The truth is irrelevant when it comes to individuals. ……………………What a useless thing—to be loved. But to feel it, ah! […]

A.J. Huffman – Meditations on the Half Shell

Meditations on the Half Shell A Haiku String Waves leave me stranded My body recalls the pull of salty siren I echo remorse My shell an amplifier of solitude The sun rises My body warms to resolve accepts stasis Hours tick like time bombs Metronomic visions of feet and feathers Owning neither I sink further […]

Melissa Ostrom – The Shortest Distance Between Two Places

The Shortest Distance Between Two Places           Near the bridge, one leaves Jack’s Java.           Three blocks down, on the opposite side of Main, another exits Alma Books.           The two approach each other under a patchy sky, where blue tears whole swaths […]

A.J. Huffman – Paranoia

Paranoia My mind imagines, bleeds ink for almost-profit in shades of depravity most could not even begin to conceive.  I sleep with scissors beneath my pillow for sanity, sit with my back against walls, always keep doors in view.  I walk my dogs, carry a Maglite that has not worked in years as a weapon, […]

Stacey Margaret Jones – Creed

Creed I believe you will turn toward me in the morning, powered by an almighty need to confirm I am still on this earth, that what is seen and unseen still lives between us. This is one thing I must have the only thing that can trigger the day that is begotten of our agreement. […]

Rodney Nelson – To the Tune of a Stepdaughter

To the Tune of a Stepdaughter LG  1967–2013 when I brought you into my country everywhere I had gone became the town or river of a child and you renamed it to your own music and you were singing even though I had broken into the refrain and would do so again on leaving the […]

John Grochalski – angst und schrecken in der david quelle

angst und schrecken in der david quelle these stairs are designed to murder a man who’s had too much to drink narrow, they wind like a medieval dungeon to a bathroom that smells like death upstairs where i left my wife alone you can hear the six german men laughing crowded around the tiny bar […]