Non Fiction

Susan Monas – Mates for Life

Mates for Life Parrots mate for life, I’m told. I don’t know how parrots show love, whether they crowd and peck, or groom and chatter with adoration. My parents pecked at each other in a partnership of endurance for most of their forty-five years together. My mother craved order, but my father loved a soiled […]

Kathy Buckert – Deviled Feast

Deviled Feast In keeping with its name, this meal gives a devilish dose of mayhem – until the aroma of forgiveness infuses every heart within the home. Makes a family size serving Total Time: Nineteen years to marinate and one night to complete Ingredients: 1 spurned ex-daughter-in-law 1 bastard son who was unaware of his […]

Tabitha Payne – Misophonia

Misophonia When you’re desperate, you’ll try anything once.  So there I was, sitting in a folding chair around a table in a church basement with a bunch of alcoholics.  I think every adult who’s been through the shitter and back has found themselves at an AA meeting at least once.  Most of us don’t stay.  […]

Aundria Adams – Gravity

Gravity Because the wind is high, it blows my mind. — John Lennon Some days the whole world reminds me of you. Of your wisps of dirty blonde hair hanging below your cheek bones. Of your emerald eyes, deep and intense.  Of the fierce innocence of our adolescent passion, so full of hope and newness […]

Sheri Rosen – His Legacy

His Legacy It was the weekend. My grandfather had died only days before, a Jewish death on Christmas, the irony still laughing in my head. It was also New Year’s Eve. I was sitting in the middle of the room, alone, the people spinning around me even though I had yet to take a sip […]

Reynold Junker – Billie Holiday And Me

Billie Holiday And Me A while ago I received an e-mail from the bank that controls all of the money I have in this world. They were enhancing their security system with a series of personal questions. The idea being that only they and I would know the answers which would be used to thwart […]

Kyle Rackley – Wally World

Wally World Mommy, why is that man crying? A blonde girl about six-years-old in pigtails asks. It takes me a moment to realize that she’s talking about me. I slide my sunglasses from my bald head to my nose. Never take them off. Never let anyone see my eyes. Force a smile at the girl. […]