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Timothy O’Leary – The Tower

The Tower Barry hated cell phones. He shuddered when trapped in a crowd, people yacking at maximum decibel, as if everyone within earshot was buzzed to hear about dysfunctional families or drunken golf outings.  He detested camera phones, users blocking sidewalks, or rudely delaying meals to photograph the perfect tuna melt. He considered “selfies” an […]

H.E. Saunders – The Plus Sign

The Plus Sign She looked at the six shots lined up before her. They stared her down. One, two, three, four, five and six. All vodka. All full to the top and waiting. A lemon-flavored Gatorade stood at the end, the ugly duckling of the bunch.   She had heard that a fetus less than twelve […]

Bryce Taylor – What Henry Middleton Had Meant To Do Before Dying

What Henry Middleton Had Meant To Do Before Dying He had meant to visit Rome, to feed pigeons with fresh Italian bread in the warm shadow of St. Peter’s. Over breakfast he would have swapped stories with fellow pilgrims: a young Parisian filmmaker, perhaps; a one-armed sculptor from the Bahamas; a Canadian bureaucrat who enjoyed […]

Samy Sfoggia – Rapid Eye Movement #4

Rapid Eye Movement #4 – Samy Sfoggia

Samy Sfoggia – Rapid Eye Movement #2

Rapid Eye Movement #2 – Samy Sfoggia

Fabio Sassi – Last Ride #2

Last Ride #2 – Fabio Sassi