Short Story

James Mulhern – A Nun’s Arse

A Nun’s Arse “What a shame,” Nonna said when I arrived at her place after working at the family restaurant. “Mary Muldoon just called. Drunk as a skunk, asking if I knew where her husband Jim was and quite annoyed at the Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant. Said they were sending her pork fried rice and […]

Daniel Finkel – The Salesman

The Salesman A man comes to town.  He wears spit-shined shoes and a lime-green coat.  His hair is all slicked, and there’s a pack on his shoulders.  He looks bright and flashy, like a light bulb.  I see him walking down the road, the noon sun sizzling on his head, with his feet raising little […]

Jose Romero – blueRed

blueRed           Oh, but the physicality of my thinking is chaotic. Outside of my apartment someone is walking up the stairs. I sometimes walk up those stairs and stumble. But I wasn’t always like this.           Nonono.           I’m gonna write the letter. […]

Dick Bentley – Out of Plan

Out of Plan Jane was visiting her therapist for what she thought would be the last time.  Her health insurance provider had determined that Dr. Goodbody was “out of plan,” and Jane’s visits would not be covered. Jane settled down on Dr. Goodbody’s sofa and talked for a while, explaining her circumstances; then she invited […]

Mahesh Nair – A Distance Away

A Distance Away Randy’s wish I’ve rented a motor boat for two hours. I’m in a maroon tee and bermuda shorts, waiting for Jane. The twilight is a tint of orange with threads of red rising from the horizon, which may not last long, unlike her presence that placates my soul. I have known her […]

Gary J. Garrison – Thin

Thin Over the mountains the oil sky was splitting open, the yellow light crawling over the world. I stood sleepless at the end of the dock watching a flock of gulls float over the small swells, their white feathers dissolving in and out of the fog. The rest of the class drifted down the small […]

Amy Clark – The Strip

The Strip People make too much of dissociation—it’s a wonderful coping skill. Time honored, really.  I’m not a multiple, mind you.  It is just that if you need to touch my body, don’t worry; I have some place to go where I can’t be bothered. Let me pause here, while I undress. I’m going to […]